Friday, January 2, 2009

Signed Art Prints - is it the next big thing in the Art World?

Hello World,

I've been an artist for over 30 year now, and recently I’d started noticing big advances in printing quality and photographic / poster art prints technology. Looks like just about anyone with a good digital camera and a decent printer can create a nice photographic or art print or poster and actually autograph (sign) it to. So, I started wondering if this is the next big thing in the Art World – signed art prints or signed art posters?

Have anyone noticed the trend?

I mean most of my friends are now “professional photographer” because they owe a 10 mega pixels or so digital camera and out of 100 pictures even an amateur (like me) can get one good one.

So, what will stop amateur Artist to start creating their own signed art prints and art posters out of their garage and sell it on already crowded internet? (I believe search for Art on Google returns about 1,440,000,000 results – don’t think anything else does).

Original Oil Paintings or any original Art like watercolors, mixed media, drawings, etc are even harder to get to the people. There are only a small percentage of art buyer who actually looking for “real” artwork for sale, most people are just decorating their space with whatever looks more appropriate for the interior and whatever is cheap.

So I’m trying to beat the crowd, I have very nice collection of Original Oil Paintings of City of Chicago – mostly cityscape urban environment like Chicago (Windy City) skyline and I’ve started selling signed art prints, art posters and photographic prints as well as my original oil paintings. I’m thinking this would be a more affordable option, yet autographed art print (even in open edition) is a collectable item and real artwork, where regular art prints and posters are not.
Please share your ideas and comments and feel free to checkout my website for some samples of art prints, art posters, fine art photography and original oil paintings at: Signed Art Prints and Posters and yes please feel free to critique my work.


Mikhail Onanov


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