Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why is it better to use standard canvas sizes?

If you are buying art or if you are an artist it is better to purchase or create artwork on standard canvas sizes. The reason why is quite simple on both sides of the transactions. Here is why –

If you are a buyer -

When you purchase art and if you are planning to purchase more than one artwork for you home décor, it is better to purchase standard canvas sizes. There are few reasons why:

There are frames available at retail stores that can be a lot cheaper than custom frames. Not all of them will work well with every artwork, and some artwork will have completely different and better look and feel with a custom frame, but never the less, some artwork looks great with just a standard frame from the retail store.

If you do decide to go with a custom frame, there is a chance that the frame you chose is not working to well with your home décor or maybe you just ready to renovate and update your interior. What can work well for redesign is swapping frames between artworks. You will be amazed how you can get a different look and feel from that same 'old and boring' painting - that is if you got an 'old and boring' paintings to begin with.

Also standard size art will make your décor look more organized and classic, when you have all different sizes all over it will look like an art gallery, and not cozy house. Also with standard sizes it is easier to create different wall art compositions – like arranging paintings or drawings in groups of two, three, etc...

If you are an Artist -

Most of the artist do not have their own frame shop, so if you are selling your artwork framed you will be in a better position to get a discount from a frame shop when you are purchasing larger quantity of frames that are the same sizes.

Same as with buyer you can give your artwork a new life by exchanging frames between artworks. And you can offer the same art with different types of frames since they are all the same sizes. People like different taste, so having different framing options available always helps.

With standard canvas sizes shipping and handling can be a walk in a park. Once you packaged one item, you can use the same materials and approach to package and ship another. Plus you don't have to figure out new shipping charges every time since same sizes will most likely have the same shipping cost.

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    1. I have added some more helpful information - only took me few years :-)