Thursday, April 2, 2009

Want to sell your Art? – move to the right place.

I have traveled a lot within United States and abroad. One thing I have noticed is that there are some places where it is easier to sell real art and then there are some that require a 'different approach'.

Right now I’m in South Carolina in a little town called Hilton Head Island. This is very popular tourist destination and there are art stores all over. The city is very nice and it has its own unique appeal and charm. However, looks like most of the art stores are oriented towards tourists hunting for cheap souvenirs.

There is no demand for high quality artwork in the place like this. I can understand why, it is hard to carry large original and expensive painting around and most of the people here are from out of town, thus it makes sense that small framed watercolors, pastels or acrylics are in demand and large oil paintings are not. I would think that people buy these in lieu of taking a photograph, and it is just a fancy way to say – 'hey I can actually buy a paintings instead of taking a picture'. So, the theme of most of the art here is all about local attractions – lighthouse, marina, boats, ocean, etc...

On the contrary, same theme can be found in New York City for example, but it probably would be higher quality artwork created not just for home décor and souvenir purposes, but create as a real art.

Which brings me to the point, it seems that to make a few quick bucks and sell many low quality art – tourist destinations are the way to go. For more serious art major urban metropolitan areas would probably work much better. It seems like it is easier to get name recognition in larger cities that have many art galleries, then in small tourist towns.

I would think quantity wise it is easier to sell a lot of paintings to tourist, considering that they are fairly inexpensive, which most of the time would imply low quality, however seems like no one was able to become famous by doing that.

In the end if you are already well known and established artist it really doesn't matter where you live, but if you are on the way up chose your location carefully and move to the right place if you can.

Mikhail Onanov - Oil Paintings on Canvas

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