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Standard Canvas Sizes Graphs, Ratings, Proportions

In my previous post What are the standard canvas sizes? I talked about different sizes, pros and cons of using one vs another, size ratings based on popularity, availability and usability and much more. 

However, I have been asked many times (in comments and in person) to put together a graph(picture) of the standard canvas sizes along with the rating and other information. 

So below I have the comparison chart, color coded proportions and rating table (See original post for the detail explanation of each rating). As a bonus I added a paragraph about french standard painting sizes with conversion to inches and some notations.

I guess picture worth a thousand words so here it is: 
Canvas Size Comparison Chart

Canvas Size Comparison Chart

Color codes for proportions for graph above

Color Codes for Canvas Size Proportions

Canvas sizes ratings

Rating Table

See original post ("What are the standard canvas sizes?") 
for the detail explanation of each rating.

A PLUS ONE is always appreciated: 

And here is some information on European standards.

Please read comments before the table as probably none of this is applicable in USA (or anyplace where inches are used instead of centimeters). This information is provided as an interesting fact only. 
French standard sizes for oil paintings refers to a series of different sized canvases for use by artists. The sizes were fixed in the 19th century. Most artists, not only French, used this standard, as it was and still is supported by the main suppliers of artist materials.
The main separation from size 0 to size 120 is divided in separate runs for figures, landscapes and marines which more or less keeps them diagonal. Thus a 0 figure corresponds in height with landscape 1 and marine 2.
Please Note:  
  • All conversions to inches are rounded up to a whole number ( all canvases manufactured in USA have sizes in whole inches and only custom made canvases can have sizes with fraction of the inch).
  • I have never seen canvases in sizes 7 x 4 or 7 x 5 for example so this table is for reference only do not think that you can actually find all these sizes in stores. 
  • One interesting thing is that specific sizes are considered appropriate for Figure vs Landscape vs Marine paintings - in USA there is no hard division between sizes for different painting types - for the most part it is up to the artist what size canvas to use - however usability and frame availability should be always considered as mentioned in the prior post.

French standard painting sizes and conversion to inches

French Standard sizes for painting and conversion to inches.

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